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As the Online Business in India goes on increasing day by, it is better to have online presence of your business. So it is very important to have well designed website for your business. You can build it if you spend some time on the internet for free. But for the greater customer attraction & for the better online business success, you need to have user friendly website. So for the better design you need to hire professional web designing company.

Spark Infosys is one of The Best E-commerce Services providing companyin Hyderabad. We provide Fresh & Innovative e-commerce Website Designing, e-commerce Website Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services.

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We have strong experience in designing & developing e-commerce websites. We have developed multiple e-commerce stores, Online Grocery Stores, Daily Deals Websites, Online Bus Tickets Booking Websites, Matrimonial Websites, Hotel & Restaurant Websites and more.

We have some customizable e-commerce products, so we can deliver an ecommerce website within short period of time by just making few changes according to your requirements.
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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Designed For Important Features Ecommerce Website Development Present Trend

Ecommerce Website Services are the modern mantra for selling your products or services throughout the world. With the use of online payment gateway, online integration with shipping and delivery organizations .Inventory management, online support, global reach, starting an E-commerce website is the most convenient and also most cost-effective way of buying or selling products/services.E commerce website development features present trend briefly……… 

Search Field:

Search box in the designed for user attractively of the homepage. Where an Index database is queried for entries that contain one or more of the user keywords effectively exact phases. Present trend eCommerce websites virtual role on important search field box, because user visit our site 80 percent peoples search for need……….so I suggested for attractively designed header section.. 

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Sensationalize categories:

It’s important architecture designed for eCommerce website. Website designed for user friendly good navigation path display our Products, this structure depends upon effectively and attractive users they said strength of the Site. Many eCommerce websites face problem many products our site display home page we avoided this problem sensationalize categories and utilize for Drop downs…………. 

SEO Friendly URL    Admin and User Functionality:

Every product designed for separate page eCommerce website, every product different title,Description and keywords it used for Search engine result pages. Avoid this problem SEO Admin functionality its use for Keywords management, Duplicates titles, description management, URL caching, editing ht-access capability, Source tracing to help allocate problematic code

Coupon codes :     
Bus ticket discount offers

User attractively product purchases discount coupons codes, so you create coupons to manage promotions for your online store and display on home page. You can share promotion codes with your customers, which they can apply when they are checking out. You have the flexibility to create coupons for free shipping, flat rate shipping, or for orders within certain size ranges.  You can also set expiration dates for the coupons. This is really a unique feature as most other website builders do not have this capability for you.

Reviews and Testimonials:     

This is even more important for individual products. Enabling product reviews from customers provides shoppers with a sense of comfort. They feel like they can trust you because you allow the opinion of previous customers to be displayed on your site. It adds social media integration to reviews, which can help increase search engine rank and makes it easier for customers to share products they love.

Automatic Sales Confirmation Email Notification System:
This is a very important function especially if you have an e-Commerce online store. Once a customer purchases from you, you want to have your online store automatically send some sort of “Thank You” or confirmation email to them, just so your customers know the order went through. It is also important to let your customers know about next steps and what to expect in order to manage their expectations.

Share Your Products on Social Media:

A commonly utilized feature on e-commerce sites today is including various social sharing buttons on a store’s product pages. This has become more common over the past few years due to the increased visibility and engagement a Face book like button or a Twitter tweet button can help generate around a particular product page. To add these plugging to your e-commerce store, visit the plugging or social buttons section of each major social platform you’re interested in integrating with your product pages. It’s recommended that you only select a few social plugging to your product pages.

SMO Services
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I’m guessing visitors were intrigued by the sales video and clicked through to the price/guarantee page to get more info. They may have been turned off by the long sales letter when I added it to the video and lost the excitement created by the short.

E-commerce Website Design company in Hyderabad Spark Infosys has the knowledge, skill sets and also experience to take your online business towards the latest perspective along with a distinctive blend of e-commerce consulting and high-end technical volume to implement the leading edge of e-commerce websites. 

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